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Welcome to our very first blog post! With exciting developments within Kenya Wildlife Trust, we thought it was about time we started sharing highlights through this monthly blog.I’m kicking things off with this month’s post, and each month you will hear from a different member of our team.

So, we’re now mid-February and plenty has already happened this year. At the start of January, we welcomed Dr Caroline Ng’weno to Kenya Wildlife Trust. Caroline’s appointment as our Mara Predator Conservation Programme Director comes at an exciting time for our conservation activities in the Maasai Mara. With Caroline at the helm, we have brought together our two existing flagship predator conservation projects (focusing on lion and cheetah), into one long-term conservation commitment, our Mara Predator Conservation Programme.

Our vision is a world-class conservation programme that provides evidence-based, practical conservation management recommendations, solutions and ideas developed through robust research and monitoring practices complemented by genuine community engagement. Building on the activities and methods we have developed since establishing our cheetah and lion projects in 2013, the Mara Predator Conservation Programme will look to incorporate other predator conservation as time goes in, such as hyena and wild dog, working closely with collaborators such as the Mara Hyena Project. Based at the Tony Lapham Predator Hub in Olare-Motorogi Conservancy, our programme team is mostly Kenyan and largely local.

 Just last week, we held a Kenya Wildlife Trust board meeting at the Tony Lapham Predator Hub, giving our Mara and Nairobi teams the opportunity to connect with each other and with our trustees. Between presentations, discussions and some delicious meals cooked by Billy, we all enjoyed a productive time in the heart of the Mara. Welcoming Caroline into the fold and bringing everyone together has been fantastic, and I am delighted that the whole Kenya Wildlife Trust team appears closer than ever.

Looking ahead to the rest of this year, we will soon be launching a Mara Predator Conservation Programme website, as well as a new visual identity for both Kenya Wildlife Trust and our Mara Programme, to engage more visitors, tourists, donors, supporters and partners in our vital work.

Thanks for reading… more to follow from us next month!

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