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Community Development

At Kenya Wildlife Trust, we appreciate the importance of community development projects as part of an effective conservation strategy.

Within this pillar, we aim to support efforts that demonstrate a direct tie to predator conservation. Kenya’s human population is growing at an exponential and alarming rate. This is directly affecting our lions, cheetahs, leopards and other predators by increasing pressure on ecosystems and leading to conflict between humans and wildlife. The issue of reproductive health has never been more important. By supporting projects that focus on providing family planning education and related health services, we can minimize the impact and damage to Kenya’s iconic landscapes.

We have a preference for supporting projects that focus on addressing population growth and reproductive health, such as Communities Health Africa Trust (CHAT). A Laikipia community-based grassroots organization, CHAT offers innovative, integrated mobile health services to nomadic communities, regardless of demographical boundaries. They go where the need is greatest.

By supporting such projects, Kenya Wildlife Trust is contributing to the wider efforts needed to ensure healthy ecosystems where predator populations will not only survive, but thrive.