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Conservation Education

There is no doubt that education is crucial to the success of any and all strategic conservation efforts. To complement our two program pillars of Predator Conservation and Community Development, our Conservation Education pillar supports the conservation leaders of the future. Through our Justice Ole Keiwua Scholarship program, we support the most promising conservation students from around Kenya with their further education.

Since 2005, we have been supporting the best and brightest youngsters to achieve their dreams of becoming Kenya's future conservation leaders. 

Our scholarship program offers funding to promising students undertaking conservation-related studies at universities around Kenya and at the following two institutions:

1. Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute

Provides students with diplomas and certificates in Community/Wildlife/Environmental Management. These courses cover a range of subjects including natural history, project management and tourism. They also equip students with a variety of skills including ICT skills, communication skills, survival techniques and wildlife management techniques.

2. Koiyaki Guiding School

Provides individuals with an education in the tourism industry and conservation. Through the training they obtain from KGS, individuals can gain employment and income to support their families, promote responsible guiding and tourism and become wildlife conservation advocates.

By investing in the next generation of Kenyan conservationists, we are helping to ensure that current policies, strategies and efforts can be continued and developed by those who represent the future of our beautiful, iconic country.