Scholar Profile - Agnes Nashipae

Scholar Profile - Agnes Nashipae

Age: 23 years

Village: Olokeri Village, Narok West Constituency, Narok County.

Education level: I completed secondary school level and attained KCSE certificate at St Mary’s Girls secondary school, Bomet in 2014. I am currently pursuing a certificate course in Tour Guiding at Koiyaki Guiding School – Maasai Mara.

How I got to know about Koiyaki Guiding School: Through my friends who were former students of Koiyaki Guiding School.

How I will benefit by joining Koiyaki Guiding School:
I shall learn:-
How to interact and handle guests from different parts of the world.
Learn more about the wildlife that we have.
The importance of conserving our environment and wildlife.
Learn new languages such as French.

Family background
I come from a large family of eighteen children since my father had three wives. I am the last born from my mother’s side consisting of five sisters and one brother. My siblings and I are currently living under the care of our mother as my father passed away when I was a child.

My future aspirations
After completing this course, I would like to teach my community on the importance of conserving our wildlife and encourage them to educate the girls in our community. In addition, I would like to be employed as a professional nature guide to be able to provide my basic needs as well help educate my younger siblings.

Message to sponsor
I would like to thank my sponsor Kenya Wildlife Trust for the support you have given me. Thanks for putting a broad smile on my face; I will reciprocate your heartily contribution by working extra hard throughout my course.

I would like to urge if possible to help other girls in my community to be able to pursue their career in Tour guiding at the guiding school.

May God bless you!

Kind Regards
Agnes Nashipae

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