CHAT Update 2015

CHAT Update 2015

From January to March 2015, the CHAT team was able to reach 12,620 women with different contraception methods of their choice (2,971 depo, 8,753 implants & 896 pills). The team also distributed 71,815 condoms and reached multiple communities with their Basic Curative Intervention.

In the month of April, CHAT reached out to seven counties that included Laikipia, Samburu, Meru, Isiolo, Baringo, Mwingi and Nakuru. A total of 174 communities within the aforementioned counties were provided with CHAT’s innovative holistic family planning intervention that encompasses a strong component of ecological sensitization.

In mid-June, CHAT gained from the MOH headquarters in Nairobi, KEMSA, an additional 6,000 implants which has an approximate worth of Kshs. 7 million!

From April to June a total of 29,000 individuals were reached with CHAT’s innovative holistic family planning, basic health care, HIV/AIDS counselling & testing and TB services. Various donors generous support enabled CHAT to reach out to 209 communities and 33,224 individuals, in Samburu, Laikipia, Isiolo, Baringo and Nakuru counties with various services during July to September.

At the end of the year CHAT received 4500 family planning long-term contraceptive protection commodities – from the National ‘stores’ KEMSA – the through Laikipia County Government. In the months form October till December CHAT reach out to 208 communities and 20,746 individuals.

Adding up the numbers, CHAT has reached out to 95,590 individuals over the year of 2015.