CHAT Update - Jan to March 2017

CHAT Update - Jan to March 2017

This quarter, Kenya Wildlife Trust's support assisted us to reach eight Kenyan counties - Nakuru, Meru, Marsabet, Isiolo, Laikipia, Samburu, Tharaka and Baringo.

In these counties, our team motivated grassroots partners, called Community Own Resource Persons (CORPs). These CORPs then implemented an innovative door-to-door 'Back Pack' strategy to bring vital services to the communities we reach. We also used motor and came mobiles to provide other integrated services such as family planning and ecolgical awareness, basic curatives, HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, other reproductive health services, and TB services. 

This quarter, during one of our month-long camel mobile clinics on the border of Pokot East and Laikipia West, one of our FPCORP named Lokipi met with a young lady to discuss the her views about family planning and our approach (known as 'Population Health & Environment' or PHE). 

This is her story:

“Being married at the age of 16 years in 2006 and having seven children now, I wish I could have met you a long time ago to receive these services that you are bringing us today. The tribal clashes we are experiencing right now are as a result of us “women” experiencing unwanted pregnancies, thereby unable to cope - nor is the environment able to cope.

Actually, my children and I came here a few days ago to seek refuge after the Pokot community raided our manyatta, killing some of my neighbors and leaving many of my friends severely wounded including my husband who is currently hospitalized as a result of a gunshot. Here I am today with nothing but pain - I don’t know who to turn to, or whereto turn to.

I met with Lokipi while she was mobilizing for FP services and decided to visit the clinic to enquire further, as I believe that we human beings are the unwitting root cause of all the problems we are encountering day in day out. I believe that, with access to such information as the kind Lokipi is sharing with us, our communities can surely live happily ever!?"

The nurse counseled the young lady, sharing with her about the different Family Planning methods. This was followed by several tests, after which the nurse informed the lady that the hormonal contraception was not suitable for her, so she was referred to Muchongoi Health Center where, after further counselling, she was provided with IUCD. 

“There is an urgent enormous need to make voluntary contraception available and accessible so that we can be able to start to work towards living healthier, safer and even productive lives. During drought/famine, we experience an even harder life - many lives are lost, with children being orphaned and also the number of widows increasing yearly; all these as a result of tribal clashes, mainly between the Tugen and Pokot. Our pastors and elders have tried to hold peace talks but all in vain. Truly you – Lokipi and CHAT – are our savior, as we believe that if we all embrace FP, maybe peace will reign and our children will have a chance at a happy life.”

The young lady was very grateful to Nurse Ruto, CHAT and its donors, including Kenya Wildlife Trust, who supported the program.

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