Kirion Pascal Esekon - Personal Story

I am Kirion Pascal Esekon, aged 18 years, brought in a nomadic community living Samburu ecosystem.

Having been brought up in a nomadic community it was very hard to get education since the nomadic community don’t value education but lucky enough my father was very supportive since he broke norms of the nomads community by taking me to school using the little money from the sale of his livestock, he managed to take me to school together with my siblings everything was okay until the year 2009 when bandits stole our livestock an activity which is rampant in our area, allover sudden my family became poor since all the wealth we had was in form of livestock.

The light which was starting to shine in my life became dimmer my father was unable to pay school fees anymore instead I begged from the well-wishers and also I got some funds from the CDF until I completed my secondary education, despite of all the challenges that I went through in terms of being absent from the school due lack of school fees, I managed to score a mean grade of B- of 54 points.

Ever since my father sent me to school I became passionate in academic and have bigger dreams of my life after my studies but my dreams are fading away each passing day.

I am honestly requesting for this scholarship so that I can change the situation of my family from the present to better one since I am the first born in our family and the only one having completed secondary education all my family looking for me to establish financial condition